Hague Apostille

Authentic Version Translation Centre offers you the following information regarding the Apostille:

By the Hague Convention from 1965 a unique procedure was established whereby a document issued in one of the Convention signatory countries may be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory countries.

The Apostille is applied ONLY in the issuing country!

The Apostille cannot be affixed on a document originating from another country than Romania as no Romanian officer has the competence to certify the signature of a foreign issuer.

The Apostille application procedure differs depending on the type of documents requiring the Apostille, there being 3 institutions applying the Apostille.

Apostille application procedure

1. Depending on the document type, the Apostille is applied on the ORIGINAL document as follows by:

a) The territorially competent Prefect's Office (see the document list here);

b) The territorially competent County Court (for the documents issued by a Court of law);

c) Notaries Chamber - there the Apostille is applied ONLY on the legalized translations of the documents or notarial (original) documents.


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